How to declare income from “contractor” work

I work a few times a year at a public elementary school. They don’t pay for my NHI, pension or labor insurance however they do transfer my salary into my bank account with all these numbers that make it seem like my wages are going through some sort of accounting/payroll system. I also sign off on the hours worked and the amount to be paid each time I work there so it’s all done above board in some capacity.

I’m fine being paid as a ‘contractor’ as it’s just a side job. My full-time job pays for my NHI, labor insurance and pension.

My question is;
Will I need to add the income from the public school to my tax return myself or will it automatically show up as ‘Professional services income’?

For other cash in hand side jobs, should I add these as well as 9A professional services income?I’ve kept a spreadsheet of these jobs but I haven’t added the public school work to it.

I prefer doing my taxes online using the tax office software rather than go in :slight_smile: