How to delete my account?

Well? Is there a convenient box to click, or do I have to start swearing at people?

Why do you have to delete it? Don’t you have enough self-discipline to just not post here anymore?

No, it’s because I don’t want the site e-mailing me.

I disabled all emails to you (FWIW anyone can do this in Preferences/Emails.)

Thank you for that courtesy. However, I would still like to know how one deletes an account.

That option isn’t available. You can simply stop logging in. If you have an issue with any posts in particular, send me a private message.

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I see this is a two year old thread, but is there a way to delete a Forumosa account? It’s been a fun experience and I’ve enjoyed the fiesty back and forth but need to focus on other things. any suggestions appreciated thanks



Splitter :joy:


Relax, said the admin.
We are programmed to receive.

You can log-out anytime you want, but you can never leave.

Welcome to the website, Forumosa;
What a nice surprise, now you realize.

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I know people who have been banned :crazy_face::wink:

You’re still receiving emails after doing this?

You shameless name-dropper. :wink:


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Remind me again of their legal address? (It used to be posted somewhere–was it in the UK?) This makes a difference to their legal obligations.

Are you unable to not post?

I was wondering whether there’s an addictive element to the flob. Like flashing lights with gambling machines.

There are a number of possible reasons one might wish to delete one’s account. Besides addiction / compulsion there are also privacy issues to consider, as well as long-term changes to the site’s political culture, so to speak, from which some may wish to dissociate themselves. More generally there is the basic question of who “owns” or controls one’s social media presence.

What was that legal address again?

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All the more reason to use extreme caution when posting anything online. What goes online stays there forever. Times have changed a lot.

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The right to be forgotten is an interesting discussion topic. My instinctive response is that freedom of speech trumps it, but it’s certainly a murky issue. I don’t like the idea of people rewriting or erasing history.

Does anyone else want to have a good laugh when I say biggus…dickus…

I have no problem preserving any of these posts, just trying to minimize online distractions of all forms. This was a good exercise in attempting to understand the ‘other side’s’ point of view. I can now safely conclude with enough evidence after this attempt that yes, they really are like airport moonies after all. Hypothesis confirmed. But hey, I reached across the aisle!

All the best,

Incontinentia Buttocks