How to find a place in Xindian

I want to find an appartment but have had major difficulties getting started. Am trawling through various websites, newspapers and also agencies - who do not want to deal with me (probably because they know how difficult communication will be). I’ve written down numbers from various adverts and ended up in dodgy back rooms with agents wanting 1000’s NT before they’ve even shown me anything. I’ve been shown awful places with cracked walls and stained bathrooms for blatantly inflated prices. aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhh! :raspberry:

I’ve been told to find an agent. Does anyone know of an agent who speaks English and can help me find a 1 or 2 bed appartment in Xindian? Am totally stuck… any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

We walked out of the MRT, and started walking around. Often places for rent will have signs on them. As you walk around, stop in at the real estate stores. They mostly sell outright, but sometimes they have a handful of rentals. They charged a fee of 1 month’s rent, split with the landlord. Sometimes you will find cab drivers, real estate agents, costco food court workers, who have spent time abroad and speak English happily. Get out there and try your luck. We are paying $15K a month for a 2BR / 2BA 30 ping third floor walkup, 5 minute walk from the MRT. They didn’t hit us up for up front money but then again my wife is from Taiwan.

If you can’t speak chinese, rent a place from the websites -here, tealit or trawl the western hangouts - Subways, Roxy pubs, Grandma Nitties, etc.

You really need the help of a chinese speaker if you’re looking for somewhere cheap. Get a local friend, a co-worker or someone you met in the pub last night to help you. Get them to haggle (landlord ALWAYS knocks off a couple thousand NT$ if you’re persistant “I’m a poor student. Woe is me”) then take them out to KTV to return the favour.