How to find adult friends in Taipei?


I will be visiting (business visits) Taipei regularly in future, and I’m wondering what is the best way to find some company for the evenings there?

Get hold of [url= daft wee girlie MSN list.

What kind of company are you looking for?

What is that AIT thingie?

I’m looking for adult company for late dinners/drinks/movie/one-night-stands/whatever feels like fun.

I’ll fuck you if you like. Very reasonable rates. Oh, wait. Are you a man or a woman?
(Hint: Most of the people posting here are married, in a relationship or pining after Irishstu.)
You can often meet people at Carnegie’s of an evening, or so I’ve been told.
There’s a site called Taiwan nights or something that has listings of the cattlemarkets, though. Maybe try there?

The church of your choice??

Warning: sandman says his rates are “reasonable”, but his “trick” is to get you all excited (you know what I mean) and then ask for extra (a lot) if you want a “happy ending.”

Me: 40yrs old single man. And yes, I’ve seen world and know when I’m being cheated (and don’t always mind that it is done well :-)).

But seriously, any advice? No, I’m not desparate but looking for quality company. And I prefer smart confident woman.

There are very few actual adults that post on this site. But Forumosa Friends is THE best resource for your companionship needs on this island. Whether it is for a lark, a talk, a quick romance or something more serious, you will find what you need quickly, cheaply and reliably. Sign up for Forumosa Friends, you will be rewarded!

Remember these words . . . .


Tommy can you take this one? You’re on “find the newbie some nookie” duty this month aren’t you?

Tommy’s ALWAYS on “find the newbie some nookie” duty. And he’s a damn sight better at it than Winston Wu.

In fact it was Herr 525 who introduced Sandman to Iris Htsu

… the advice about friends.forumosa might be good, the service seems to be rather popular (or, it is hosted from someone’s laptop :frowning: ).

Meanwhile, I’m staying tuned for good advice.

Go to Carnegies on Anhe Rd. Wed is ladies night. AFAIK it’s the no foreign fleshpot in Taipei, however I never go out anyways, so I would be the last asking me for advice. I have seen males there pushing 70 with local females at least a decade younger, and a customer of mine picked up a bird exactly half his age, so it’s doable there.

Brass Monkey on Fuxing N road is also a good place it seems, however I have been there maybe 5 times. is a wee bit out of date it seems. Also, I do not know any of the bars listed there, but well, I never go out.

40 and no time to hunt and only staying a few days at a time at most? Hmmmm… best way is to become BUY-sexual. You may have to BUY it.

Otherwise you have to pull all niters at clubs and other hotspots and really work it.

Basically if you dont want to buy it , plan on spending time/effort/money on being OUT THERE and on the prowl.

OR< be on the prowl and later get caught in the web of a witchy woman for a steady like the rest of us.

Loose women ARE out there looking for YOU.

The odds are way in your favor in Taiwan on this then anywhere else on the planet probably (outside of tokyo).

It’s relatively easy to pull chicks in Taiwan.

And only a complete looser has problems getting action in Taipei.

Other posters have given good advice already.

Do whatever Tommy says; he’s the master.

But if you want a shortcut to the promised land, here’s what you do . . .

First, make yourself Brad-Pitt handsome.

Next, make yourself Bill-Gates rich.

Finally, find a job at AIT.


Heard bout those AIT dudes !!

But seriously buy quality companionship or be all you can be and hunt for game.

Or find the philippino maids. They are lonely and ready (exploitive yes but not if you are sincere and lay your cards on the table).

p.s. tommy no pro, iv never charged any girl .

The answer is in the question. Adult friends = I wanna get laid

How to find adult friends in Taipei? google “find adult friends in Taipei” and go shopping through the profiles…

Otherwise, try a search with different keywords of your choice. A huge percentage of single females are online right now (and most will be online all the time).

:astonished: Shame, shame!