How to find an apartment in Miaoli, Toufen?

I am renting an apartment now in Toufen but I would like to move during the summer to a place that is much closer to the school where i teach - right now I have to travel 15 km each way. I know how to find an apartment near where I want to live but I need to find someone to either sublease my apartment - the contract is up 1/3/2013 or find someone who just wants to rent it. If I can find someone to rent it, I think my landlord will accept that and refund my deposit.

Any ideas? websites?

Ask co-workers for help if they are willing.


Ask co-workers for help if they are willing.[/quote]

+1 on the co-workers thing. Be selective about who you ask for help though, as it could take up a lot of their time and patience. Ask someone you have a good working relationship with. You don’t want to cause any strife in the workplace.
The last time I wanted to move I mentioned it to a group of adult students and one of them helped me out…

Thanks! What is the basic measurement of an apartment? Is it in square meters? or something else?

Yeah, they are measured in ‘ping.’ Wiki lists the size as 3.306 metres per ping, but I have heard there is a little bit of ’ statistical smudging’ when it comes to using a ruler for measuring.

A ping equals a double bed if I remember rightly.