How to find out how files are allocated on a hard-drive?

My hard drives are all getting pretty full. Is there a way to actually see (in a table, maybe) how files are allocated percentage-wise on each disk?

I’ve tried just going through and clicking “properties” on each individual file, but it doesn’t seem to be accounting for most of it.

You can click “properties” on a folder and after adding up all the files it will tell you both the total size of files, and the space they take up on the disc. That’s might help you find large folders. And empty your Recycle bin and use the clean-up utility to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

That’s what I’ve been doing. However, I’m wondering if there’s a way to get an overview of space allocation on the disk.

What sort of overview are you looking for? What do you want to know? I typed “disk usage” into google and found a few, are those not what you want?


Haha, that’s the problem with search engines: hitting the right terminology. I was using “file allocation” and not getting much. With “disk usage”, however, I popped up this EXTREMELY handy bugger:

It helped me nail down my usage problem in about five measly minutes!


I keep HD Graph installed on my PC. You can use it to get a nice graph of how everything is structured… Ohh yes, free of course.

Not sure if it’s what your looking for, but I really like SpaceMonger (I think you can get a free trial).

Another is WinDirStat, another is SequioaView… there are a few others out there, but I really only like Spacemonger. That HD Graph looks good, too. Maybe I’ll give that a shot.

Basically, it shows you a graphical representation of all the files on your drive. Bigger files are bigger in size, etc.

I tried the HDdrive, but I prefer the free disk analyzer thingy I posted above - it’s graphic representation is a bit more orderly.