How to get a Diazepam prescription

If I go to the hospital, find the xinli doctor and say “hey doc, I’ve been feeling really anxious and having trouble sleeping. Can you fix me up?” will that work? What do I do?

Go to general psychiatric doctors, or one like for sleep. Tell them your symptoms like you can’t sleep and have anxiety if that’s your symptoms. If you have used diazepam before to success, explain you’ve used them before and it works for you if they recommend something you don’t know.

Where can I find these doctors?

Maybe search online. Any psychiatric doctor is fine probably. Perhaps look for clinics.

what should i search

If you’re symptoms are not being able to sleep, sleep clinic probably.

like what is the chinese for that?

Look for 精神身心診所 and 失眠

Psychiatric clinic like this one that has branches.

You can also search for clinics on Google maps using these characters 身心診月.

Lots of info here but I cannot find it…

Cathay also has sleep clinic.

Are you sure you want to get on a benzo for this? The side effects can be pretty bad and you develop dependency if you use it long term.

Have you already exhausted all the other ways to manage your anxiety?

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They may give them out easily in Taiwan. But they give out very mild doses. Imo probably not enough to get a strong tolerance and dependency unless someone takes them for a long long time none stop. And the usual thing is give out a few days worth and have you come back before writing you a longer script. And there’s not really a black market for it here.

It sounds like the OP already used them before if he’s asking for it. and they do work for sleep short term. They actually lose their sleepy effects after a few days. Not the drug of choice for chronic sleep issues. But they work well for nights that have sleeping problems in case.

I always have a few on hand and especially for travel to help to jet lag.

I’d just go to a family doctor (家庭醫學) at any hospital and specifically ask for the kind you want. They’ll be more than happy to offer a prescription as long as you have a valid reason (which anxiety and sleep issues definitely are).

I always take a few pills with me when I’m out in the mountains as I can’t sleep in a tent otherwise.

The doc gave me nopiclone it’s not bad just makes me feel super chilled out, and coordination a bit being like drunk except can still think reasonably straight

That happens less if you get hree kinds of Benzo in the same prescription and cycle them