How to get a sugar baby?

Why are you wasting time in this thread then?

Can confirm that Bumble seems to be more for serious relationships and the response rate from women is horrible.

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Can also confirm this!


One of my local Taiwan sugar baby slots just opened up.

Way too many sugar babies I don’t know how yeah way too many.

Do sugar babies get annual raises based on inflation? My CPA raised annual rate by 20% citing inflation

Depends on how good she looks, and whether or not she can maintain that look as time goes on…


What do sugar daddies, sugar mamas, and sugar babies having in common?


@krane you might be interested in this. Maybe @jimbob132 too.

My instagram just showed me a targeted ad:

It’s kind of creepy that Meta knows I want to be a sugar baby.

(Just from reading the description of a sugar daddy vs. a sugar baby on this website, it seems the sugar babies are the ones getting a deal. Not sure why anybody would want to be a sugar daddy :thinking:)

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My experience with sugar babies is just from watching Korean dramas. Office romance is quite a popular topic:

Some of them have the girl as the lead / person in charge and some the other way around. There’s a few free episodes on YouTube. I watch it like background music while working sometimes.

They are praying for it.

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Surely anyone who can figure out how to post here can also figure out how to search online for this. Also, if you fit a certain demographic, I’m pretty sure they will find you. They seem to find me occasionally, and I’m not even in the market for one.

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