How to get a work permit

Does anyone know how to get a work permit in Taiwan ? Am currently working in UAE (Dubai). But I wish to find some job in Taiwan. I visited Taiwan last year and I was planning a trip this year too. But in current situations , there is no regular tourist visa available. And my yearly vacation is coming soon. So I was hoping to get a work permit and come there but I don’t know how or if I can get a job there. Can anyone help me ?

In most cases you need to find the job first and your employer will sponsor your work permit.

The alternative is getting married to a Taiwanese, which gives you an open work permit.

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Actually I want to come there to meet my girlfriend. But unfrotunately bcos of covid , normal visit visa is blocked. The only option I have is work permit. Am really happy to get your reply. :grin:

Thank you :grin: