How to get an ARC after divorce but owning a company

Hi! I’m an Australian married to a Taiwanese girl and we’ve been married for a little over 2 years. Now we’re planning on getting a divorce. We started a company together about 4 years ago but it is in her name. I’ve been staying here on an ARC due to marriage. Is there any way I can get an ARC if I have my name added as a joint owner of the company? We had to have NT$500,000 to start the company. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to proof a certian turnover or invested capital figure before you are able to get an ARC or a work permit. An alternative could be to set up a rep office.

Hi Mr He. I’ve been looking at the Representative Office option. Would you know someone who has done that recently or someone I could talk to about it please?

Nope, not anymore. I am here on an APRC with an open work permit, so all that paperwork is thankfully a thing of the past. I would start reading the thread on it, alternatively meet up with Vincent from Jus Regal and talk to him.