How to get around office url blocks

anyone got any tips on how to get into yahoo mail since nasty MIS types have blocked the url in our office…

i can get into hotmail via msn (cant use yahoo messenger here)

and i can even get into yahoo games by routing thru yahoo UK

but i cant open my inbox…

it’s such a petty thing to do…

EDIT; um scrap this post…they’ve let me back in

hah, we had the word mail blocked completely. If the word letters in order “m a i l” appear in any url it won’t open. grrrrrrrrrr

You could point your web browser at a proxy server. But its dangerous.
You could pay them for what they say is a safe open proxy.
Or you could set up tinyproxy on your home computer and proxy through that.
That can be handy through a US based proxy so that merchants don’t hold
your order when they see its from a Taiwan IP address.

For applications like messenger that dont’ have proxy built in, you
could try to wrap them in “socks” then point socks at a socks proxy.

install remote PC on your home computer and in your office, this way you can actually control your computer at home through the one in the office, so the mail is actually never downloaded on your office PC

Remote PC is a good idea. Also, something like that comes with XP Pro.
I mean, the server part comes with XP Pro, the client comes with all versions of XP.
There is also VNC.

:slight_smile: not too secure unless it’s behind more authentication.

SSH tunnelling or another proxy like Tor could work.