How to get away from Taichung for half a day

I need to get out of Taichung city for a while, every now and then, just to get away from the crazy driving and constant noise and pollution. I have ridden my little 50cc scooter up to Da Ken and it is exactly the peace and quiet I need to collect my thoughts and recharge my battery, but the scooter ride itself takes around 40-50 minutes which defeats the objective! So is there a bus that takes you out there or anywhere similar where you can feel close to nature and take a stroll. There are of course parks in the city but that is not really getting away.

I live close to Hotel One and Nova and can catch a bus from Taichunggang Lu or Gong Yi lu or go down to the train station area to catch a bus there.

Yes, you can catch Bus #21, and 31 from the main station area right by the river to get to Dakeng. I also suggest the next bus stop east of the train station on Shuangshi Rd as a good place to catch those buses as well as other buses to Xitou and Sun Moon Lake and Lukang. The longer trips are about an hour and half by bus and 180NT or so. Dakeng is free with transit card. Consider also taking the train out to JiJi or Houli. Bike rental places are next to the train station and you can get out to the countryside easily. Many of these trips are spelled out in further detail with the excellent Compass Magazine. See

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: