How to get finasteride and accutane

I will be traveling to Taipei for a month on vacation and wanted to see if it’s cheaper to get finasteride and accutane in Taiwan. Is it OTC or how would I buy it?

Cheaper than where?

Finasteride at least can be gotten by just walking into a pharmacy – about $700NTD for 30 1mg pills, or $400NTD for 30 5mg pills if you’re willing to cut your own

Haven’t tried to get accutane here (though personally might be a little more nervous about taking it w/out periodic blood tests that usually go w/ it)

Cheaper than the US where the price per dose is about $1/day.

How is 5mg fina cheaper than 1mg?

Here’s the thing with taiwan. Most things are not OTC but a pharmacy may sell it to you if they wanted. The only exception are heavily controlled substances like benzodiazepines and opiates (besides codeine).

I’m not sure about accutane though.

Yea that’s what seemed to happen last year when I needed some meds. Depends on pharmacy it seems