How to get married to a Taiwanese guy?

Hello there, I am totally new to this subject and don’t really understand a lot of what you guys are talking about…
Maybe someone can explain me the procedure of getting married to a Taiwanese guy? What kind of formalities and bumf do we have to go through in Taiwan and what would be the foreign spouses’ rights?


You should get married in the country of the foreign spouse.

You will need to get a Clean Criminal Record Documentation from your home country, and all marriage documents, and everything certified at the nearest ROC Overseas Representative Office.

That is for starters.

You mean, we should not get married in Taiwan, but overseas?

what would be all marriage documents?

Answer - That piece of paper you sign when you get married.

Michelle, if you read some of the previous threads on this topic, you’d learn quite a bit. This link is from one marriage thread. Read the second post by Hartzel.

thanks amos, the problem is, that i’d have to read a loooooot and that generally it is foreign guys who get married to taiwanese girls and not the other way around like in my case…
anybody got any experience with that?

btw, of course i know, what a marriage certificat is, but hartzell was talking about the documents needed to get married…

It doesn’t matter whether the foreign spouse is male or female. The procedure is the same.

To be on the safe side, you should get a “single certificate” before getting married, and get that certified at the ROC Overseas Office as well.

“Marriage documentation” includes the marriage certificate, and all receipts and other paperwork.

I wouldn’t recommend the procedure, but…

As Hartzell said, you will need an official document from AIT, or your country’s local office, stating you’re either divorced or single (presently unmarried to anyone). Then, go to the court house and fill out the nuptual forms there. You can either marry at the court house by signing up for a time later, or elsewhere (banquet). I did both. You need two witnesses to the marriage, with official chops. Then, get husband to take care of all other details, including ARC, etc…you shouldn’t have to do this alone.

I can also tell you how to get divorced if you need this information.

I think that posters to this forum should have the common courtesy to at least wait until these two people are married and have unwrapped all the wedding presents and spent all the red envelope money before we go advising them about the procedures for divorce.

But ‘how to get divorced from a Taiwanese guy’ is a much more complicated procedure, Richard.

hahaha…thanks for ur concern, but i guess i first want to get married, before even thinking of a divorce
i guess the best way is to ask my countries representation office about my stuff and then let my boyfriend do the rest of it…
i admit, it sounds pretty complicated

Alien’s ultimately right, though. Western women and Taiwanese men have such similar attitudes towards marriage and how to treat their spouses that there’s no real binding force between them. Like trying to put two north poles of magnets together. Bound to fly apart once you stop pushing them together externally.

So why even bother with such a low-odds proposition unless you’ve got another angle besides lifelong union.

I think the bottom line is to get married first in the country of the (non-taiwanese) spouse and then register / marry here - if I understood the other link correctly!?

are we now discussing ppls attitude torwards marriage?

maybe you should try not to put all ppl into the same drawer. some ppl just fall in love with ppl of other cultural background

actually, the numbers would show that many more foreign women marry taiwanese men…or are we only talking about western men?

as for marrying (only) out of love, yeah, sure…im so sure that the 75 year old grandpa and his 27 year old mainland wife down the street from me married out of love! lol

So, the high divorce rate in N. American is all due to Western women’s attitudes toward marriage? Wow, Rat’s Ass has found the root of the problem!

To fix that, why don’t we just export all the Asian women to N. America so the Western men wouldn’t have to deal with divorces?

Chinese/Taiwanese women are good at that type of trickery. Just ask your girlfriend. But then, she probably wouldn’t reveal the truth anymore than your 27year old neighbor.

Michele, Please see my website. I have listed the details and procedures.

I tried to avoid this but…

I would rather see this the other way around, many Filipinas here married to locals, though of course there are a lot of (male) labourers who do this, too. Well, personally I couldn’t care less and in your case I just wish you a happy and loving marriage!

are Chinese women especially prone to this? seems my brothers married similar American sharktoothed women, albeit not for visas… And when asked, my Taiwanese wife says that my being a foreigner was a big negative in marrying me…love rules :slight_smile:

With due respect, it’s hard to know whether or not one should be offended by a comment like that. If you use the emotion gremlins, there’d be no confusion. :x or :smiling_imp: or :shock: