How to get medical licence

hi guys,
i am a medical graduate ,i want to practice medicine in Taiwan.for that i need a medical licence …anyone can tell me what is the process for get it? is there any exam that i have to pass for it?

Hi, i might be not too accurate, but your degree will be recognized, but your license will not.
Unless you already have a specialty (read have been a visiting) in Gyno, Internal, Surgery, you would have to
take the same exams as locals (2x written (eventually u might be able to skip the first) n 2x practical) to get a license . They written ones can be
taken twice a year and the other two require smth. like 6 weeks as kind of an intern. All assumed that you graduated in the US, Japan, Korea, HK, or w. Europe.

just one more thing,exam in Chinese or English ?