How to get NHI reimbursement

I went to see a doctor. The normal fee is 250$, but my health insurance had a ‘gap’. I ended up paying 1200$ for the same type of consultation.

How do I get reimbursed for the doctor’s appointment for which my NHI coverage was temporarily suspended?

Just FYI, last job finished 12/31/2020. New job began 1/1/2021. The only gap is my new company not bothering to check NHI coverage was set up. I saw the doctor on 1/11/2021.

In my opinion, expense it on the new company. It’s their failure that you weren’t covered, especially if healthcare enrolment is listed as a benefit of your job.

If you go back to the doctors office within a certain time period (unfortunately I think it’s 7 days) they will reimburse you when you show your NHI card. Otherwise give the NHI a call or drop them an email.

Edit ~ Looks like 10 days from the link in Tando’s post below, get back to the doc asap with your now valid card!