How to get out of California Fitness contract?

I’ve been going there for 5 months, and would like to get out. Its ok, a little over priced, but
I want a place closer to where I live and C.F. does not fit the bill.

I’m wondering, besides leaving country, how can I get out? Can I transfer it to someone else?
I’d like to hear success stories, rather than babble.

If you want to see a really over the top joke, check out Pure Fitness, on the corner of Heping and
Roosevelt. They have not finished their construction but have their lame ass salesman there. There
price is laughable and when you hear about it you might break a rib.
I’d hate to be one of those suckers to join that place.

Yes, I think gym memberships here are transferable. Not like in the US.

Christ, what I am I doing in a California Fitness thread? Looks a bit dodgy - backs-to-the-wall material.

Yeah, and I’d like to see someone using the bloody search function, rather than demanding quality replies. Babble is what Forumosa does, and we do it well. :sunglasses:

Using the search function (and lots of reading) would have revealed that transferring membership is relatively common. You could place an advert for it on tealit or taiwanted (forumosa’s sister site).

I simply got out of it by informing them I was leaving the country and would like to do the right thing by paying my next months fees and requesting a contract cancellation. If they didn’t want to cancel I would leave the country and they would get nothing. They accepted the months payment and contract was canceled.