How to get Permanent Residence as a NWOHR passport holder?

I´m a NWOHR and I have Passport without ID. Can I apply for permanent residence?

No. Only foreigners can apply for permanent residence.

Taiwanese need to apply for household registration.

Ok, how do I apply for household registration?

There are a few ways, but I am less familiar with this. One way needs to be in Taiwan for a year.

But those with more experience can chime in.

I just did it last month. To be eligible, you just need to be in Taiwan for at least a year without leaving.

Once you become eligible, you apply for a proof of residency (a piece of paper) at the National Immigration Agency, then take that piece of paper to your local district office to exchange for an ID card and household registration.

(The application form for the proof of residency is the same form you filled out when you first got your TARC. Just select 定居證 on the form.)

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Ok, excellent. I have a few questions:

1-According to your Entry permit, you hav 3 months of stay, how did you extend it to 1 year?
2-What are the requirements to apply household registration and where did you go to submit them?

This is irrelevant if you already got your TARC. You can freely enter and leave Taiwan at any time, and stay for as long as you want, until the expiration date printed on your TARC.

The three-month stay limit only applies to people who have a NWOHR passport but haven’t gotten a TARC yet.

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I don´t have TARC. I thought I could apply for TARC with the TW passport, but no. You need household registration as well.

If you have hold the nwohr passport, the passport needs a entry permit which offers you a 3 months of stay.

Oh. The title of your initial post suggested you have a TARC. It wasn’t clear.

So you’re asking how to apply for a TARC? That is not permanent residency. It only allows you to live in Taiwan for 3 years.

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okay, let me explain. I have a TW passport without ID. How can I stay permantly in TW?

Apply for a TARC, then eventually get Household Registration

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Ok so you’re currently basically a tourist, and can only visit Taiwan for up to 3 months.

First you need to become a resident of Taiwan. You do that by applying for a TARC. This card will allow you to live and work in Taiwan for 3 years. (To be more precise, you also need a separate work permit from the Ministry of Labor once you get your TARC if you want to work.)

Once you have lived in Taiwan continuously for 360 days without exiting (there are other options I won’t get into), then you become eligible to apply for a household registration and ID card. This is when you will become a real Taiwanese and be able to live here forever.

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How did you get TARC?

It’s a pain. There is a huge list of documents you need to bring to the National Immigration Agency. This will vary depending on how you are claiming Taiwanese citizenship. Best to pay them a visit (or call) and get a detailed list from them. This is what I can remember:

  • A completed application form
  • A couple of photos
  • $1,000 application fee (I think)
  • Health examination results from a public hospital in Taiwan (another photo is required for this)
  • A certificate issued within the last 6 months from the national law enforcement department/agency in your home country (the FBI for me) proving you were never a criminal, which first needs to be authenticated by the local Taiwanese consulate/embassy within that jurisdiction (the Boston TARC for me, since I am from Massachusetts), and then translated into Chinese (can do this yourself), and finally notarized by any notary public here in Taiwan
  • Any documentation proving you are Taiwanese and eligible for a TARC. This will vary depending on the person applying

For me, I was eligible for a TARC because my mother is a full Taiwanese with ID card, so I had to prove it by showing them her physical ID (and giving them a photocopy), and then I had to prove she was my mother, which required me to bring my birth certificate which has her name printed on it. The birth certificate had to be first authenticated by the local Taiwanese consulate/embassy within the jurisdiction of my birthplace, and then translated into Chinese, and finally notarized by a notary public in Taiwan.

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Which was the condition that made you qualified for TARC?

My mother is Taiwanese, with an ID.

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Ahhh, your mother had TW ID. But in my case, I don´t have any relatives with ID.

How did you become eligible for a NWOHR passport and entry permit? Whatever made you eligible for those might suffice, but better check with the immigration agency.

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Small write-up on the TARC reasons here: Taiwanese Parents