How to get Permanent Residence as a NWOHR passport holder?

My father applied for TW passport because my grandfather had TW passport.

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Yeah, I looked to that blog as well and it seems the only options I have is to marry a tw girl or through work permit.

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Does your father’s passport have ID number?

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This is the full list of reasons you can apply for a TARC :slight_smile:

Studying is an option too if you don’t want to have an employer sponsor a work permit. Although I think a work permit might be the easiest route if you don’t qualify for any if the family options?

Is holding a taiwan passport with NO ID can allowed you to work in any industries?

Are there any english version?

No, they are more or less treated as foreigners in regards to work rights. There are a few exceptions such as being married, some other family relations, not holding another citizenship.

Not that I know of but the link posted earlier isn’t too bad. Or just copy it into google translate :sweat_smile:

Ok. Your father (or grandfather) needs to be a “real” Taiwanese (i.e. with an ID) if you want to get a TARC through them.

If you have a Taiwan passport with no ID, you MAY be eligible for a TARC (Taiwan Area Resident Certificate) if you have a family member who is Taiwanese with ID. This card allows you to live in Taiwan for 3 years.

Once you get that card, then you can get an open work permit from the Ministry of Labor.

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No, none of my family.

If a have a cousin who married a Taiwanese, can I qualify?

I have a cousin who married a real Taiwanese. That works?

I believe the Taiwanese person needs to be your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt or uncle. I don’t believe you can qualify from your cousin even if they eventually become Taiwanese.

According to this website (Taiwanese Parents (

Distant blood relatives apply, too

Yes, such as grandparents and aunts and uncles. I don’t remember seeing cousins on the list when I was at the immigration agency, but you could certainly check with them.

Of course, this would only work if your cousin actually decides to become Taiwanese first. The in-law doesn’t count.

My cousin has a TW residence, ARC. Because she married a Taiwanese guy.

My cousin is daughter of my mother´s brother.

Your cousin herself needs to be a full Taiwanese citizen with an ID if you would like to get a TARC through her. It won’t work if she only has an ARC.

Her husband has TW ID, because he´s taiwanese.

Yes, but her husband is not your blood relative, so that doesn’t do you any good.

Your blood cousin herself needs to be the Taiwanese with an ID. She can become a Taiwanese through her husband. Once she becomes Taiwanese, then you will be able to get a TARC and eventually an ID. (Assuming the immigration agency allows citizenship through cousins.)