How to get Permanent Residence as a NWOHR passport holder?

Like I said, you don’t need to use your Taiwan passport to enter another country. Just use the passport of your home country. You have another citizenship, right?

Correct, that´s I´m telling you. I dont need visa to travel south korea with my other passport

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And the entry permit how does it work? When it expires, I have to leave TW and I can return in a couple days for another 3 months of stay?

You can enter Taiwan as much as you like until 2025. Each time you enter, you can stay up to 90 days. When that 90 days is up you need to leave Taiwan, but you can return the next day and stay for another 90 days. You can do this forever until 2025.

This is how entry permits work for foreigners, and I believe it’s the same for NWOHR passport holders, but you’d better double check with the NIA.

What document do I need from the employer to apply TARC?
Just the Work permit?

I honestly don’t know because I don’t have any experience, but I believe your employer should be able to help you apply in your behalf. Most companies have HR people who are in charge of this kind of stuff for foreigners (I know you are technically not a foreigner, but NWOHR are basically treated the same as foreigners).

My granfather has a Tw passport issued in Mar. 1948.
A year before the Taiwaneses move to the Island to fund it. Does it have any citizenship value?

Is he still alive and does he have household registration?

No, passed away and I think he never lived in TW.

I know how political is the procedure in TW, but he got a relic of a document. Seriously, no value?

If I have a TW passport NWOHR, do I still need a work permit?


If you are married to a Taiwanese citizen with household registration, no. If you have certain types of TARC due to family relations, no. If you have no other citizenship, no.

Otherwise you need a work permit which will get you a TARC and you can apply for household registration in a year at the fastest, then you won’t need a work permit again.

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What a pain. This passport is not very useful.
I cannot teach english because spanish is the official language of my country.

What job options does a native spanish speaker have in Taiwan?

Teaching spanish?

Sales and marketing for companies that want to sell to Spanish-speaking countries?

Once you obtain an open work permit or your household registration, you can do any job you want.


Thanks I already try teaching spanish, but it’s not a demanding language to learn like english.

No, but the jobs do exist. It’s just harder.

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How good is your Chinese?

If OP renounced his original citizenship, he’d be a NWHOR without other nationality, would that mean he wouldn’t need a work permit to work?

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