How to get rid of a huntsman spider

As per title. Yes, I looked it up in Google. No, I am not going to give it a blow job - thank you Reddit. I really need to do my laundry. It has installed itself in my back balcony, and made the laundry machine its home. That was four days ago.

Any serious suggestions will be very much appreciated.

That is what those are called. I had to Google that and discovered the 2 that I have seen in the apartment at times, and make my cats go crazy, are called that. Wow.

Oddly, I was watching an old Big Fat Quiz show and they mentioned them. Coincidences are hot tonight!

I would never advocate killing anything, so the way I dealt with it was to get a broom and carefully encourage the little fella to climb aboard, then take it outside and shoo it off.

A word of advice for the squeamish, they tend to move rapidly when excited by sudden movements. So, make your movements slow and calculated.

Oh, and they can jump.

Good luck!

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Depends on the size. If small and sitting on the wall, I suggest slowly putting a glass over it, then carefully sliding a oiece of paper or better cardboard between wall and glass.

If bigger… Uhm… Better get ze Flammenwerfer

Invite a hungry Cambodian family over for “dinner.”


Of course I have to express my sincere wishes that it would not be harmed. He is probably scared shitless as well…

They're as afraid of us as we are of them…

I recommend 2 choices: either let him be - they wreak havoc with your cockroach population, and they don’t built webs. or use a fishing net thingy, catch and release him. Or use something like this:

I pop 'em with a towel. Their air pressure sensitivity (“spider sense”) can’t anticipate a snapped towel, since it moves faster than the speed of sound. Plus you get to see their little legs fly in all directions. (My nephews were impressed.)

I did battle with one of those a coupla years ago. I would have lived and let lived normally but he kept getting in my bedroom and you can’t sleep with one of those in the room. In the end you might just have to conquer your fears and crush it. They actually shrink to a tiny size once dead.

I used massive amounts of roach spray on one. My balcony has a door. I sprayed a heavy dose directly on it then shut the door when it started running towards me.

Not sure how long it took to kill it but after carefully checking the balcony I found it shrivilled up.

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Mentioned this in another thread, if you really can’t live with it around and you don’t want to poison your entire household - get a powerful spray bottle, put in 50 ml dish washing soap, fill the bottle with water and set it to jet spray. Make sure you hit it with the first hit, it really slows it down and then you can sweep it away or you can then finish the job.

Any Insecticide Spray will do.

I It is plate size. Where can I get a flame thrower on a holiday?

I would like to find a repellent, you know, non lethal.

Of course, if it climbs on my bed sheets, all bets are off.

Does anyone know if I it met Bobby or the cats, is the poison deadly to pets? That would be its death sentence.

Dunno what is wrong this summer. So many critters. I read thecorrectly huntsman comes in the house to escape the heat.

If you are so old school try the hand job instead

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I was going to say that it’s probably a wood or wolf spider… And it turns out that they’re different names of the same lovely thing.

Pet it.

If it’s a wolf spider, just leave it alone, they never hurt no one, especially if you give them space.
And they eat the fuck out of any roaches that come around.

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Even the spiders stay away from Mr.Rocket.

Ehem it is in the washing machine. I think there must be some way to persuade it to move.

Oh it has made itself at home all right.

Are they not beer drinkers like some spiders are?

Maybe that spider is what was causing all the sores on your butt!