How to get rid of bulky waste?

as we are about to leave Taiwan soon, we have a great bunch of old, broken bulky things we would like to throw away (far too big and far too much to put in garbage bags…) I heard that there is an “official” number you can call to arrange for pick up?! Does anybody know that telephone number? And if this service is for free?

You can find the telephone number on any city blue garbage bag to arrange for a pick up or you can take the stuff to the dump yourself.

Dumps are easy to locate, just find a hill top with beautiful views and follow the smell.

Actually, there are city dumps in most municipalities and they can be located by calling the same number on the blue garbage bag.

Don’t forget to scan the hilltops for rubbish dumps while your at it.

Do you actually have to pay for this service?

What’s with those special blue garbage bags you’re talking about? I have never seen or used them. I just use any bag or box and the trucks pick them up and take them away :idunno:

Taipei City trash law. All garbage must be disposed of in a blue city-sponsored trash bag.

Ah, thanks, now I know. I live in Taipei County, we don’t have those fancy bags here. :slight_smile:

I’ve used this service a few times - they ask you to dump the rubbish on your street after ten and they come and it up around 6 the next morning. You need to be quite specific with what your dumping - how many chairs, tables, etc. I’m now a “known” entity due to the gross inaccuracies I’ve led them to believe in the past…

Anyway the number, for Da An district (or maybe all of Taipei) is 02 2778 6724. Naturally, no English. If they don’t service your area they should be able to give you the one you need.

I think the pick-up used to cost $1000 before the current trash laws were introduced to Taipei City, now it seems to be gratis. :bravo:

I hope “your” not English teachers!

I hope “your” not English teachers![/quote]

How very constructive.

I hope “your” not English teachers![/quote]

Sorry skullboy. You’re probably following on from my great spelling example.

I’ve been taking apostrophe lessons from Dragonbones lately.

Juba. You’re making a living from worms from what I can see. If you want to provide free assistance with the worms I use. Go for it. I’m not an English teacher btw. My company has been quietly asking me to improve. I do have to write manuals at times. Hate doing it. I have seen one customers suggestion on a warranty card that my worms were a bit sad.

Back to rubbish before we get floundered and I went to a lot of trouble to write the worms above us. Did I mention that if you go to any lovely hill top near a suburb in Taiwan you are likely to find a dump? Probably did, blue bags do sound like the go all the same.