How to get started?

I was wondering if anyone can help me out?

I’m a Chinese born Canadian, in second year university majoring in Honours Economics and Finance. I want to teach English in the summer of my third year. I have vacationed in Taiwan before and can speak a little Chinese, but just enough to get around.

I have no idea on where to begin, or if I’m wanting something that is over my head. I have never taught English before, but I am not expecting to get paid a lot.

Here are my questions:

I have no experience. Am I being practical trying to attempt this? Am I given lessons that I have to teach or this is something that I have to come up with myself? IS IT HARD?

What documents do I need to teach in taiwan, example, work permit…?

Will I have a lot of trouble finding a job? Where do I look?

Can you give me any advise?

Thank You

Here’s my advice for teaching: Read a book on language teaching such as Penny Ur’s A Course on Language Teaching. Also, learn as many games and activities as you possibly can. This will make teaching a lot more enjoyable for you and the students. You can start learning here: