How to get Taiwan Citizenship - Primer, FAQ, and Resources


Isn’t it a Taiwanese record to prove a financial eligibility?


Yeah but it was required for APRC, not for citizenship. I mean, it was not on teh original list of dicumets required to apply. Seriously.


Yup it’s on there now.
Another option is to temporarily dump $5M NT into a local bank account , get a letter from the bank certifying it’s there and then provide that to the HRO, if you have or can borrow that much


Fascinating. There was that loophole before. I feel it for the SEA brides. That effectively kicks them into limbo.


Yes, a Criminal Record (CCR) from your home country is definitely required…check my earlier posts in this thread (which I have edited)…The only exception to the CR rule would be if you are already divorced with your Taiwanese spouse (as was my case) and have never left Taiwan after the divorce…and I did not have to provide proof of my finances (tax records etc) because I was already an APRC holder. All these were clearly stated in the requirements back when I applied. Guess the rules have changed now?? Damn!!!

Anyway, go back to your HHR and tell the lady at the front desk that you are not going the marriage route to Citizenship…but rather the “自願歸化” route…and ask for the Official requirements list for Single persons who wants to naturalize.


Do you have the latest requirements list Dan? Can you scan and post it here as it will be of great help to others…thanks!


I think those who married to citizens are exempted from the financial requirement for naturalization. They still need to meet the financial criteria for APRC, though.


I wonder if they made any changes for us APRC holders going nationality. I checked the requisites recently when my classmate applied -and got- his ROC nationality. Well, he is still at TARC stage but I mean, it was less than 6 months ago.

Vacations coming up, must visit my friendly Household registry office. Please all remember ROC Government websites are never updated, ESPECIALLY if in English, PARTICULARLY NIA.

And this treatment of us singles is really grinding my gears. I ain’t getting married, it is too late, sorry Mom!


This was the Official requirements list for 2015 when I applied —> Official List 2015 …Check Rule 7…it states “已取得外僑永久居留證者,申請準歸化時,得免附本證明” …the only change to the Citizenship rule which I’m aware of is that we do not have to renounce our Original Nationality during the Naturalization process and that we have 1 year after naturalization to renounce. Did this change somehow affect the APRC financial rule??? That would be rather strange and a step backwards I reckon…instead of making it easier for long time residents to get Citizenship, those damn bureaucrats remove one rule and implement another. It makes no sense since ppl who already have the APRC have already proved financial stability!!.


They list the latest requirements here.

内政部戸政司 Ministry of Interior


國籍變更申請書暨提憑證件一覽表 as of Sep. 2017



Eh, I wouldn’t label them links as the “latest” but there it is , the old flowchart in English. Anyways, it si a lot easier now to mark down the changes if any…from the latest Chinese…

Love it how they only list the stuff for married folk. Yeah, only married folk apply. Yes, I know mostly married folk apply.


Thanks Tando!!! Yup…the rules still remain the same!!! No need for financial records if you’re an APRC holder (Rule #4)…also, something new—> If you’re married to a Taiwanese or hold an APRC, or is listed as a dependent on your ARC to your Taiwanese spouse, you do NOT need the CCR check!!


Guys, do not jump. The chart in English is the same as the old one. Take time to check with the latest, I do not trust the date written there.


I checked the link Tando posted…it’s in Chinese and has the latest revision date of September 2017


I do not trust government website dates. I’ll check the content just to be sure.


if you can get an APRC based on your work, you can get a citizenship, though most people don’t want to give up their original citizenship for ROC citizenship when they don’t have a family here.


Yep. But I mean, would it kill them to list the requisites for single folk?! A separate list instead of when you get there they just draw an X over the stuff you do not have to do. Not to mention the ocassional deer in the headlights look by officials who actually believe only married folk can apply for nationality.


This is a sign. It’s time to stop resisting and just tie the knot already.


This is the list for Single folks / APRC holders.


Nice. But I still want a proper, clear, fool proof English translated chart that’s updated.

I know, I ask too much.