How to Get the ROC in the UN?

That article really shed some light on the issue.

I’m starting to get the feeling that there’s no way Taiwan can enter the UN without first officially renouncing CKS. Similar to Russia did to their old idols Stalin and Lenin.

Rename CKS memorial hall and the airport, and whatever else is named after him. And yes, stop inviting that CKS grandchild to sing those dreadful songs wherever there is a public performance in Taipei.

To what? Theresa Deng Memorial Hall?

If you find any, let the U.S. know – and the feds WILL prosecute and imprison the offenders.

That’s a sorta key little difference between the U.S. and the UN – the U.S. prosecutes and imprisons pedophiles; the UN hides them and protects them.

BTW, a nice little comment in the WSJ today, Claudia Rosett discussing how we should update the “language of diplomacy”: … =110004054

[quote=“Claudia Rosett”]President or Prime Minister. These titles, customary and seemingly harmless, we unthinkingly accept from anyone who occupies the top slot of government in a sovereign nation. It’s also standard newspaper style. But while in free nations such titles connote democratic leadership, in unfree nations they denote nothing of the kind. It would be a useful check on our more deferential instincts were we to use titles tied less to custom than to accuracy. For example: Taiwan has a president, England has a prime minister. Egypt has a dictator, Libya has a tyrant. Greeting some of the world’s worst thugs as Mr. Dictator, or Honorable Despot, might sound peculiar, but it might also help keep the realities in view.

Read the UN charter. Taiwan is not a nation. Only nations can be in the UN. End of story. It’s that simple.

Of course Taiwan is a nation.


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I saw a girl today with an “ROC of Korea” bag. Maybe Taiwan can just fool its way in pretending to be some other country.

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]Read the UN charter. Taiwan is not a nation. Only nations can be in the UN. End of story. It’s that simple.[/quote]The Ukraine was in the UK since 1945. That wasn’t a nation then. The PLO has as obverser seat at the UN. even the “International Seabed Authority” has a seat

My dictionary (Oxford) says:

Nation: large community of people usually sharing a common history, language etc, and living in a particular territory under one government.

Furthermore, in political science talk, ‘nation’ as a term is generally looser than the term ‘state’. For example Scotland and Wales could be considered nations.


how bad does taiwan want it?

there’s more than one way to skin a civet. china may have some claims to taiwan. making such claims stick on lanyu/orchid island would be much more trickier. non-han people, non-sinitic language; what is the record of china’s claim to lanyu? if taiwan grants lanyu independence and lanyu is recognized as a nation, then it would follow that taiwan’s legitimacy to grant independence is also recognized. if not…over time, lanyu gets in the UN AND then lanyu joins into a confederation (mutual defense, mutual monetary policy, etc.). lanyu gets the foot in the door and the rest wiggles in later.

one problem is that many folks here’ll toss a snit when you suggest granting lanyu independence. why? because it goes against their “national destiny” (han people destiny?) seems a bit bi-polar. they want their right to self-rule recognized but refuse to recognize such of the equally deserving malay-polynesian stock of neighboring isles. until lanyu is cut loose, perhaps it is fitting that the heirs of CKS in the bed of his making.

how far do chinese claims extend? they claim xin jiang. can they also claim california because it has the chinese name of “added state”?

Whether or not the ROC has the right to sit at the UN is irrelevant to the issue of getting the ROC in. The UN is a political body. In some cases it is a first world political body, take the Security Council. The General Assembly runs on different set of rules. The General Assembly is run primarily by third world political rules. That is how China got in and how China is keeping Taiwan out. Third world is what Taiwan is, at least in a socio-political sense. One of the reasons vote buying is so prevalent. If the ROC wants to get in the UN they have to buy their way in. That type of act may not be acceptable in the west but this is Taiwan where it’s good business.

Found that other article: … 0000102595

Basically says that the ROC had agreed to the US pushing for dual representation, only they couldn’t say so publically because it went against national policy. After loosing the first procedural vote, it was obvious that even dual representation wasn’t going to happen, so they withdrew. They were then expelled by Resolution 2758 which gave the ROC the boot and let China in.

[quote]Wu Yu-shan (

The first thing that needs to be done is take the old Madam out of her castle in New York. She is the plug in the bottom of the pool of the Republic of China. Pull her and everything starts to flow. After Emelda Marcos she should be easy pickings.
It may be more than coincidence that she lives in the same city as the UN. Even the hint of this kind of money may be enough to get the ball rolling.

Nuclear weapons.

[quote=“US$0.02”]Nuclear weapons.[/quote]Kim Jong-Il is selling.

The nuclear option will be far more expensive and won’t bring the kind of guarantees that cold hard cash does. The economic sanctions alone would cut the GNP in half, if not more.
Madame Chiang Kai Shek is the key that will unlock the door to the UN for the ROC. She knows where all the bodies are buried, the money is hidden and has the motivation to assist in doing what I have suggested. My guess is she is just waiting for somebody to ask her.

C’est un double message.

See a slight problem here.

The UN does not recognize Taiwan as a nation. Why would it recognize that non-nation giving independence to its non-nation’s islands?

Boomer, where do you get this stuff, or are you just pulling everyone’s chain? This “cut the GNP in half” statement – this is based on your own calculations or do you have a source? But I’m pretty sure you’re right – everyone would surely stop buying computers and computer parts from Taiwan for a few years just to penalize the island (that reminds me, I’d better hunt up my abacus).