How to get them to hurry up with my taxes

Hello everybody. I just have a quick question and wonder if somebody out there might know the answer. I am moving to another part of Taiwan soon and am owed 36,000 in taxes from the office of the city in which I currently work (Taoyuan). I asked the tax office when my cheque will be in and they said by October. I could use the money now. Is there anyway to have the process expedited. I would be willing to pay a fee in order to have this happen.
Any insight you may have would be helpful. :angel:

i don’t think they will budge. A friend of mine is in the same situation. she filed in april but is leaving in july and she went back and asked them if she could change her filing to the fast tax return you’re allowed to do once every 5 years and get it back in 10 days so she could get it before she left and they said no.

you might be able to change your address though so it isn’t sent to your old address. Best to go down and ask esp. if you filed recently.

My sister-in law works in National Tax administration of central Taiwan province.
According to the law,if you filed the tax before 10 of May,you can get your cheque back in July.Otherwise ,it will be in the Oct,and next year.
If you are going moving to another city,all you can do is changing your address.
But she suggests you can visit this: … ngCase.asp
See if they can accept your querimony,and offer you a help.