How to get to Kenting

What’s the best way to Kenting?
I’m flying to Kaohsiung, what’s my next step?

3.5 hour bus ride. You can pick up the bus anywhere…they leave all the time.

May I suggest you make hotel reservations (if you want to stay in a hotel) before you go.

Also, check out the Cactus Cafe down by the waterfront for the best Mexican food on the island (though that isn’t saying too much).

thanks for the tip

can I pick up the bus at the airport?

And when you get there, be sure to sample the fried silkworm dish at one of the local places, it’s called chan bao bao, 10 dollars a pop… my sister says they are delish!

Yes, you can pick up the bus at the airport.
Get out the maindoor of the airport, turn right and you shall see the bus stop where has buses take you directly to Kenting and Kaohsiung train station where has more coach companies take you to Kenting. The coach company which will pick up guests at airport named “Zhong Nan”, below is their website but it’s written in Chinese.
And here is another useful website about Kenting if you can read Chinese…
Good luck and have fun!

Check with the hotel you are staying in, they might offer free or reduced cost transfers.

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