How to get to Salvador/Brazil?

Have to be in Salvador, Brazil, in September. Any Brazilians here who happen to know the best connection? I need cheap, quick and not to many stop overs.

Thanks in advance

I think the best way is flying from her via canada or the us, you will have maybe 2 stops… for aprox 75k+ return. But as I am going there my self I would be very interested in anyone who knows of anything better or cheaper. (What I’m looking at is flying to vancouver/ toronto and then on to Sau Paulo, I’m boking the Taiwan Canada portion from Taiwan and the Other part online)

Thanks for sharing.
So far I got an offer for Lufthansa via Frankfurt, Sao Paolo for 56’000 (low season), but I was hoping the other way around would be faster.

Condor (Germany’s largest holiday airline) is offering direct flights from Frankfurt twice a week now. Might save you a couple of hours because you don’t have to go through São Paulo.

Ah, that’s good news. We’ll see about that. Have so far asked my travel agent friend back home, he might be a little more reliable, so I hope.