How to get to the airport?

I need to pick up my guy at the airport frequently, and next week again. I used to take the shuttle of Eva airlines. But it has changed the route and would take more than an hour to get there. I’d like to try something else this time. Any ideas?

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Sylvia, there’s a good service that runs around the various big hotels and out to the airport.

I usually catch it on Fuhsing S. Rd right outside the Howard Plaza. The stop is clearly marked and you can’t miss it. Service is frequent – every 10 or 15 minutes – and its cheap and fast.


You may not like this idea, but Taxi’s are nice, but yes they are expensive. And if I remember correctly there is a bus that stops at the Sung-Shan airport and then goes on to the CKS airport. But I don’t have any information about that, but if you go to that airport and ask them, they may give you something. Also check at the CKS airport.

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Among other places in the city, there is a stop near the Hsin Tien Gong Temple on Sungjiang Road (north of Minchuan Road) on the east side of the road.
Taxis cost NT$1,000 one way.

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sylvia, are you sure the Evergreen/Eva bus route has changed? I know that a few buses a day go via Taoyuan (is that the route you mean?) but most still don’t as far as I know. It says on a sign normally inside the windscreen, at least did recently, which route would take.

Forking out NT$1,000 for a one-way trip to the airport is insane. Paying what amounts to an entire day’s salary for the average Taiwanese office worker for a 40-minute car ride is a joke.
Have to say though, after waiting an hour for a “Free Go” bus one day (they are supposed to depart for the airport every 20 minutes) I was forced to hail a taxi instead as time was running short.
I felt sick as a pig as not one but two Free Go buses whizzed past my taxi as it tootled along the highway on the way to Taoyan!
Not only did I arrive at the airport later, but significantly poorer too.