How to Get to the Shuan Yuan Judo Club

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I said that interested people could write me for directions to the club. So many people have been writing me about this that I haven’t been able to write everyone back. Here are instructions about how to get to the club.

They have classes in the evening from around 6-10 and on Satuday and Sunday morning. The first time you go, I would show up around 7 or 730 just to make sure the right people are there. You can get there from Wanhwa Train Station, but it’s a little difficult unless you know the area really well.

The best way to get there is to go to Longshan Temple MRT Station. Leave the station at the exit that is closest to the actual Longshan Temple. You want to cross the street and enter the Hwashi Street Night Market - this is more frequently thought of as Snake Alley. I am looking at a Google map and this appears to be Da Li Street Lane 133 大理街 133巷, but I may be wrong.

You will want to end of the end of the market and across the street you will see the Naruwan Indigenous Market. I found this map to the Naruwan Indigenous Market
This page also has information … arket.html
I don’t know how good teh map is, but if you can find the Naruwan Indigenous Market, the judo hall is on the top floor of the building right next door. You have to take the elevator to the top floor, which is a traffic police station, and then walk up the last floor to the top.

And once again, this is tyhe website of the club.

I just want to say again that Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights are slow nights at the club and if you go on those nights, you stand a very good chance of being the only one there. Those nights are more of open mat nights than anything else. The mats are open for students to use but organized instruction doesn’t usually take place.

As Scott said, if you find the Naruwan market then the club is on the top floor. Take the elevator as high as it goes then climb the stairs at the police station to the roof. Enjoy!

Do they allow blue gi’s on the mat?