How to get UNLIMITED 3g for a fixed price (iPhone 4s)

I’m looking for someone to help me get some for service for an unlocked iPhone 4s. I went to the china telecom today and they told me that they won’t install sim card or something. They told me to go to 7-11 for the sim. I was having a lot of trouble trying to communicate with them that I want an unlimited 3g and maybe voice plan. I look at the plan sheets and the rate tables for china telecom here and it looks like you pay per packet. (what?) They told me it was unlimited! Anyway, could someone please explain this to me. Also, is it possible to get unlimited minutes or seconds.

P.S how do you say unlimited,prepaid, and contract in chinese. My chinese is ok and the people in taichung don’t speak much english, but I don’t know these words.

Unlimited = 吃到飽
Data = 上網/網路
Unlimited data = 網路吃到飽
Prepaid = 預付
Prepaid SIM = 預付卡
Contract = 合約
Plan = 方案 (not used anywhere as often as in English)
SIM card = SIM卡
Micro-SIM = Micro-SIM

Google can help you out with the pinyin for those words if you need it.

Yes, there are unlimited data plans and probably unlimited talk plans. You will need to prepare two forms of ID as far as I know, meaning you’ll pretty much need an ARC. Good luck.

Even if your Chinese is impeccable, you still may not get what you’re looking for simply because you’re a foreigner. But, as Hokwongwei said, you will need two forms of ID.

Don’t give up though; it all depends upon the whim of whatever worker you’re speaking with. If one place won’t get you a plan, you can always go down the street and try at another–it may even be the same company but just a different branch.