How to get "USA Criminal Record " when I'm in Taiwan?

I’m a US citizen who grow up in Taiwan (was born in Buffalo, NY)
Last time I visit USA is in 1990 for 1 year stay in Maryland when I was 10 years old.
So it’s has been 18 years ago!
I’m going to get married in June.

Today I’m asking the BOCA about the “Criminal Record Check” which I need to apply JFRV.
They say I still need to get the CRC from the US police department.
I also ask the “Chung Hwa Travel Service Hong Kong” where I will apply my JFRV.
They said the same thing too!!

That’s rediculous!!
I’ve only been lived in US for 1 year, and it’s 18 years ago.

According to the information from AIT
I can get the CRC from FBI
Did anyone have the experience get CRC from FBI?
OR do I have other alternate choice to get a CRC that is more convenient ?

Sorry about my poor English.
Hope everyone can understand what I’m saying.

E-mail death threats to George Bush. Make sure you use the words anthrax and Al Quaeda. You’ll have a USA criminal record in no time…

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spooky -
Yes, I have gotten a CRC from the FBI (Thanks to the ineptitude of the Los Angeles TECO). There is an orderly procedure for doing this. If you do it correctly its not hard. It will take approximately 2 - 3 weeks. But plan on 4 weeks just in case something unplanned for happens.
Since you do not have a USA “local Police Department” the FBI is probably your best place.

I will PM to you what to do tomorrow morning.

Do you want a misdemeanor report or do you want to look tuff? :homer: