How to get yourself on news easily in Taiwan

I just found a quick way to get on the news as a foreigner. Just throw something while riding.

From my personal experience, I have seen lot of locals throwing plastic straws, cups etc. but guess what? No one made it to news. Why being a foreigner small things get covered?

And it was just banana peel which is going to rot and recycle itself. Not some plastic straw or tea cup or some food box…

Because you are always being watched and held to a higher standard perhaps like a preachers son

is this a new marketing(or hook up) scheme i’m not aware of? apologize for something completely trivial in a shitty room, still hungover and totally unprepared.

we’ve had the ximen mrt guy, though i guess his apology to the ones involved was appropriate(but pubicly?). and the tattoo guy, i believe he’s got some kind of contract with the tw media like 10 apologies a year or you go home! and now this…how ridiculous can it get? “that laowai gave my poodle all the wrong signals, he looked and smiled at him like an animal…”

I see Taiwanese throwing trash from their vehicles constantly! Every single day I can witness this. I used to save every video from my dash cam with the intent of turning it over to the police for a bounty. The police told me that they wouldn’t pay for littering as it “would be too much!” No shit!

We should all post our videos of Taiwanese behaving badly (normally). Won’t be any uproar over it, though.

Massive racist double standard!


I wish the news would shame the entire public into not leaving their trash on the beach. Kenting beach on a weekend morning is a disgusting heap of KFC buckets and other garbage. At least until the tide comes in and washes it all away hurrah!

i actually paid attention to the amount of trash on the short 10 minute walk home from the MRT station yesterday. 3 piles of trash left from people who had a meal and just left it there, and countless drinks carton / cups and fag boxes. one banana is nothing among all this crap…

And a banana decomposes unlike fag boxes
I’d never apologize for that though…It gives people public licence to stalk foreigners to shame them publically

One of my personal favorites is when people leave their finished drink cup on my scooter as they think it isn’t littering as they didn’t chuck it. I just drive away without picking it up. Screw people like that

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Is is possible to see the ethnicity of a guy in a car throwing a banana peel?

I suppose escalating it to social media twitterish storm is biased.

Jesus said it well:

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