How to install an android file manager app with no internet connection?

I am trying to install APPS from my computer using a USB connection. I can transfer the files no problem but the problem is I can’t find the files on my phone. You need a file manager to find the files but I can’t install one either because I don’t have the file manager to find the file manager if that makes sense. Anyone have a solution to this problem.

There may be something easier if you don’t have the development kit, but one way is to install it from your PC over a USB connection in debug mode, via the “adb” tool:

installing apps through USB

  1. go download Android SDK, which includes the adb tool.
  2. if you are using Linux skip this step. go download the USB driver if you are using Windows, install and restart are probably required.
  3. open the command prompt (Start->Run->cmd) and goto the folder that contains adb.exe. If you are using Windows, it is usually under Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\
  4. Make sure you have the .apk file of the program you want to install. The following assumes you have a copy of the file under C:\temp\filemanager.apk
  5. type adb.exe devices to see if your computer is able to see your phone.
  6. If it is there, run adb.exe install C:\temp\filemanager.apk

that’s it.