How to legally get a scooter home

I want to buy a used scooter to start practicing for the road test (I live within a pushable distance of a place I can practice). But my only problem is that I don’t have a license – I need this scooter to start practicing.

The seller and I are going to meet at the DMV next week… but I have no idea how to get it home after we make the transaction.

I have a friend who can help me ride it home, but he’s not available until later. The scooter will be sitting in the DMV parking lot for several days, and I’m concerned about my scooter getting stolen before I even get a chance to ride it!

Do scooter transport services exist? What do locals do in situations like this?

It won’t get stolen, but may get taken away if they think you have abandoned it there.


Ride it home illegally.


Oh, yes. This is definitely a risk, as it will need to sit there for several days.


I had to ride a scooter illegally once, similar situation to yours. I just wore a full face helmet covered my arms and legs and wore gloves and blended in with the locals.

I’ve been riding my scooter home for literally thirty years. Never had a license. Just do it.


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The locals generally drive to the test centre unlicensed, sometimes fail, and then drive it home. You takes your chances but odds are good as long as you don’t crash it. Or just ask a different friend to come get it sooner.

Had a ghost scooter for many years. Finally became legit a few years ago when they allowed reciprocal licensing from where I’m from and was just a quick swap.

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Cops for sure will accept good faith reasoning on this. If you can show a booking for the test etc.

Hell I was stopped last month and the cop merely suggested I get down to the office sometime and get my international license endorsed.


When I had an international, the cops down south had no idea it needed an endorsement. Just said go go go. This may have changed in 10 years. No accident ever though so been lucky

Ask the seller to ride it to your home for you?

Without a license not only do you risk a fine if caught, your insurance is invalid.

Yes I know that. Thanks anyway.


I tried that, and the seller said yes at first… but then said that if he was doing me a favor, he didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding a time to go to the DMV together. So, he suggested that I give him my ARC, passport, stamp, and NT$60,000 (the price of the scooter). He would do everything for me, and drop the scooter off at my place.

I’m sure most people are pretty honest, but I just met this guy online. So, I decided not to go with that option…

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You’re spending 60k on a used scooter??

It’s a one year old 155cc scooter. (worth $88k new)

Most scooter repair shops will transport your scooter for a mere fee, but they may try to convince you to just ride it home if they find out you just need it moved across town.

Most locals will just ride it home without a license. However, if you do not have a license and are not familiar with the roads and regulations, I would not recommend it. I know I was a bit antsy on the roads when I first started, even though I had my license.

What I would suggest is, park the scooter nearby and wait for your friend to come by and ride it home for you. Don’t worry, it most likely will not be stolen, unless you accidentally leave the key in the ignition. Ok let’s be honest, it’s unlikely it’ll be stolen in that circumstance too. I’ve left my key in my ignition multiple times and an upstanding citizen (every time) took it off and threw it in my cup holder.


Jesus. Tell me where you’re at and I’ll drive it home for you.

Except I don’t have a license.

I’d definitely file this under first world problems. :joy:


I would also say there is zero change it gets stolen.

So you also took three children, a dog, ladders, your next meal, a huge bouquet of flowers and a weeks shopping on the scooter with you?


Which DMV are you going?

The DMV at Taipei city has a very small scooter parking lot outside , however the marks on the road says that scooters are not allowed to park there from 8pm to 7am

However if you go to the DMV at Shulin (not Shilin) then there is a plenty of scooter parking space inside , so shouldn’t be a problem park there , however you need to check if is ok to park the scooter for many days inside

The DMV at Shilin has some small parking lot on the sideway ,

Also If you park the scooter in Taipei city , then you will get a parking ticket (20ntd per day) you can pay it at any convenience store

Also you can buy a scooter lock (機車輪胎鎖) , in case you are worry about the scooter is stolen , you can buy it at Carrefour or scooter shops

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