How to legally marry your Taiwanese partner as a British citizen without a CNI/letter of no trace

Hi everyone,

We recently registered our marriage successfully in Taiwan (I’m a British female, he’s a Taiwanese guy.)

I wasn’t prepared to just nip back home for the Certificate of No Impediment or Letter of No Trace and the powers that be would not accept a legalized divorce certificate (which absolutely proves I am single) so I had another plan up my sleeve.

If any of you are still stuck with this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I made a step-by-step guide with all the steps we took. Good luck!


Hey Alexis.

Firstly, thank you for posting! Me and my fiancé are in a jam and intend to follow your instructions. I have a few questions:

  1. When you say ‘make sure the Taiwanese name is the right way round’ on the US certificate, do you mean in terms of US (first name - surname) or Taiwanese (surname - firstname) standards?

  2. How did you manage to get $15 USD to post in the envelope? AFAIK I don’t know of any currency conversion places in Taipei.


Huh? Have you tried a bank?



  1. Just make sure the name appears exactly as it does on the Taiwanese passport (e.g., Huang Yi-Ting.) I sent an email to them and spoke out on the Zoom call to double-check this part as it is super important.

  2. I just bought it from the bank (Cathay) the usual rigmarole ensued (checking me out, checking my ARC umpteen times, asking me a bunch of questions, etc.) Quite funny as it’s only $15 :sweat_smile:

Good luck!


Hi there

I’m planning on getting married in Taiwan too, but the document seems to be deleted, please could you post it again?

I’m currently back in the UK but they won’t give me a certificate of no impediment as I’m a resident in Taiwan, not the UK.


Clever workaround with US online marriage.


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Excellent thank you very much!

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