How to make friends

Just in general, how do you make friends here in Taiwan?
I’ve been here a good few months now and haven’t made any friends
Well in part due to my personality. I’m not outgoing at all. But still I wish I could make local friends somehow. but I don’t know what to do

Same way you make friends anywhere else. :man_shrugging:

Did you have many friends back home?

If you’re an introvert or homebody, then do you really want to make new friends or do you just feel societal pressure to do so? But if you do…

… then try joining some Facebook groups for language exchange, or groups for people who have common interests (such as jogging, frisbee, playing music, eating, whatever you like). This forumosa site also has regular pub meet-ups. I’ve never been to one though. Happy friend hunting!

What are your hobbies?
Do you care about age?
Have you tried meetup?

Nice username! I’m not a local but can be a friend.

As a general advice, find hobby groups in the city. Are you in Taipei? Plenty of opportunities.

I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to come out and introduce themselves…

I’m a Taipei native and, after almost 2 decades in Germany, returned to my home country 6 weeks ago. Definitely looking to make new friends. I’m sort of an outgoing introvert; love everything that has to do with music, movies, books, architecture and tech. Would love to meet other amateur pianists/cellists/violinists and play together. Don’t get along with climate change deniers. Although I think Donald Trump is garbage, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton either.

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Thanks for the replies
myself, I have some friends but I’m always shy around new people and don’t make them easily but do get lonely. I don’t have much in the way of hobbies but want to find something. Well I’m in hsinchu, I guess theres not that much happening here but it is a stonethrow or two from taipei.
Well thanks for the suggestions and I do have some ideas now if I can get myself to do it. (In the meantime I have to deal with an injury though…)

Seems like the common comment about shitchu.

Go into Facebook Events and meetup, save into your calendar anything that looks a little interesting. Many things every day. Go over, take a look, stay and meet some people, or go.

Meetup was mentioned above, and I second that. I’ve meet a few locals and non-locals through that site. There are many events that are geared towards hobbies/interests (hiking and mahjong, in my case). Good luck!

You should try to be outgoing, one of the reason you mentioned yourself of not been able to make friends.

Tell an introvert to be “outgoing.” I’m sure he’s never thought of that.


Someone mentioned this already but try Meetup. Great app to meet people with a wide variety of interests. I’m basically in the same boat you are. I’m more introverted and new to Taiwan. Meetup groups have been my only social outlet, but they have been great! I have met locals, fellow foreigners working in Taiwan and some travelers. Definitely worth checking out Meetup.

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Join a hobby group. By far the fastest way to make friends, it helps weed out the ones who only want to practice English. I don’t have that language parasite problem now as I speak the local language and won’t speak English with them unless they are almost fluent. Take up.a hobby and you will get friends. It’s a good start as at least you will share a common interest.

sport? Taiwaneses play basketball all the time