How to make salmon safe to eat raw

I actually thought about buying those big tubs of sushi at Costco…

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Some info in English, with recommendations. Maybe take a chef class and sell good fish here

Had some nice small dishes at SushiRo today

So if I put it in a deep freezer (which can easily get to below -20) for weeks, I should be safe?

That is what the web site says. But why not go to SushiRo NT$40 a dish, seems trusted in japan and here (TW)

I can eat a good amount in one sitting, but do like to add some other tastes and textures to my meal, so just salmon would soon get boring.

Better to go out and have a selection available.

I’ll go out on a limb here, but don’t construe this as professional food-safety advice. If it’s safe to consume raw when you buy it, and you freeze it thoroughly, it should remain that way, right? Whether it remains palatable is another question.

Unless it was frozen before and you are re-freezing it

Alternative method:

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Was just in the market this afternoon, this is the type of stall I was referring to in my previous post.

Is this a restaurant, or is it to buy raw sushi meat that I can prepare at home?

I’m not looking for sushi restaurants.

I strongly discourage buying any sushi/sashimi from Costco. In my experience, nearly inedible. In fact I threw most of it away. I’m sure others can back up this finding.

台北魚市 seems to have good reviews.

if serious, actually read up on the science. I feel this type of guess work and lack of diligence is why so many people have runny shit here so often.

To be fair, a leaky anus builds character and improves the palette. no denying that!

I must take imodium about once every other day (or longer, as the situation dictates) because I have IBS and if I quit imodium for too long, only liquid comes out of my butt. Have to be careful with imodium because if you take it too often, you’ll get constipated which is bad.

I do not know of a workaround, but some texts have suggested not eating any fermentable carbs or FODMAP. The problem is that it’s incredibly restrictive. Basically about all you can eat is meat and some veggies (nothing that contains carbs).

I know my problem has nothing to do with germs or anything, because it just happens, has been a thorn in my side my whole life in fact.

However Costco pizza did give me a lot of trouble at first, but as I started eating them more often, they became less of a problem as time went on. Costco pizza has a TON (and I mean a ton) of cheese on it.

I just want to take this opportunity to say good morning to everyone who’s catching up on Forumosa and the “food & drink” forum over breakfast. :sun_with_face:

A bit too much info, TL…


That stall I showed you is to slice and eat at home or prep for restaurants. I see many of them around in the markets down south so I’m sure they will also be up north.

lucky I’m just having a coffee :wink:

About the IBS go see a specialist at the hospital, there is lots of medication available they can make you go months even years without an episode and would save you a fortune on Imodium.

Words to live by.

If one likes to paint in brown.

What other medication do they have? The doctors I go to all prescribe imodium. The stuff is extremely cheap too.

Go to a specialist not just a GP, they can investigate and treat the cause not just the symptoms.

I can certainly ask the doctor about other possibilities apart from IBS but I’m not seeing any symptom of ulcerative colitis or IBD or anything like that.

The only way to manage (not cure, you can’t cure it) IBS is either avoid certain FODMAP food and slowly introduce them to find out which foods cause problem, or take imodium.

It’s basically the gut moving way too fast for whatever reason. Imodium slows it down.

It’s one reason I asked about increasing dietary fiber because they do help with IBS.