How to marry an indian guy in taiwan

about few months before i saw a news is about indian guy n taiwanese girl n they cant get marrying in taiwan …hmm but my boyfriend n i want to get marrying in here we both believe taiwan is open-mind country … but like the news my boyfriend from india just he work in UAE now , n im taiwanese girl born here n live here n work here … anyone know about it ? how to do that in taiwan ?

They can get married in TW, provided their documentation is in order.

I do not know if this differs from country, but marriage is the easy part. All I needed was a document from home saying I was not married to anyone else.
That was all that wa required, along with my passport and visa, to get married here. Took ten minutes. This gets you a marriage certificate.

The difficult part is getting the documentation in order for the marriage visa.

Phone your household registration office about requirments for a marriage certificate.
Phone immigration got information on a marriage visa.