How to move your computer overseas

How do people deal with the computer when moving back to your home country. Do you just take the hard drive and CDR and leave the rest or actually move your box???

Leave the box, pack the rest in suit case. Oh and forget the monitor

Because computer technology changes so fast, relocating is a good excuse to buy a new one. I believe there are bargains in every country since computers are so commonplace. I would just take my data and some software on CDs or buy a Notebook PC.

I disassembled it all and packed all my PCI cards, motherboard, mouse, ram, processor, HDs, and even my burner & cables into two small boxes (about the size of a laptop inside its case. Put it in my check-in baggage, which had me nervous but in the end it all came through np. Cheaper, than buy everything new and no need to back up too much data or reinstall OS, etc…