How to obtain a CCDR from the states (California)?


Sifting through the muck, and figured it’s just much easier to ask…

How (and from whom) do I obtain a CCDR “Clean Criminal Record Document” from California? Can I submit the request by mail? Can I have a friend take it to TECO and have it stamped and sent back to me, or do I have to do this in person? (I’m currently in TW right now).

Of all the documents, this seems the most difficult to obtain.


Your gonna want to contact the city hall from the city which you reside(or did) in. You can request that they send you the forms in the mail. You just fill out the forms and send them back. Or you can have a FAMILY member go there and do it for you. When I did it, it cost $5USD and took a couple of weeks to process the form. The form you want should be called Police Clearance Certificate, or something similar. Just tell them you need it for getting a visa.
Oh and don’t forget it get it stamped from the Taiwan/Taipei offices in the states(cost me $15) for that.

I was living in CA when I got mine. I had to go to the local police department, and ask the lady to do it for me. She was nice as hell and did everything I asked…but that was in Mariposa County, so I imagine in a big city, they’ll just laugh at you. After I got it, I simply sent it to TECO in San Fransisco, and that was just fine. Then, after coming to T aiwan, I took it to the Bureau of Councler Affairs office to get it stamped again (the second time is free)

In a big city they already will have a standard form letter and fee for doing it, though it will be called different things depending on which city. Just tell them you need something that shows you don’t have a criminal record and they’ll figure it out.

I called around, and found the number to CA’s DoJ. The phone call was automated, and I left a message and they said they would send a form for me to fill out. The operator I later spoke to said yes, they were willing to even mail it to Taiwan and pay for the postage. The system in big cities are fairly well automated. Everybody I called knew what I was talking about, and all pointed me to the right direction…

Now, the second part of the question is, I know I’m suppose to get a stamp from the Taiwanese Consulate; do I have to show up in person, or can I do this by mail? Anybody have any ideas? (Or, am I taking a trip to Guam??)