How to open ones own business?

I remember having seen this thread somewhere on forumosa, but couldn’t find it anymore. So dear moderators please feel free to merge it with any similar existing thread.

I have this idea and would want to start my own business. I would be selling objects over the internet. I am based in Taiwan, my future customers will be overseas.

So how do I get started?
Do I register my company name here or back home?
Do I register at all?
If so how and where?
What are the conditions for a foreigner registering his own company in Taiwan?
Can I get a work permit if I’m self employed?
How about taxes? What else do I need to know?

Any advice is very much appreciated.

It took me 30 seconds to find it, in the ‘general legal matters’ forum. It’s here;
[Starting my own company

There’s another one that might be of interest here;
[Starting a trading company - legal questions

Do you also remember that somebody told you it’s not ‘threat’ but ‘thread’ before? :wink:

Great thanks. I really did search, but somehow must have overseen it. Sorry about that.

Sorry about the spelling again, I guess I will never get it right huh? I seem to always mix it up no matter how often you guys tell me. Haven’t you experienced this? Aren’t there words, that you always struggle with?

Send a mail to Gus–he is the web master expert here and knows all the ins and outs of setting up businesses over the web. He could help you out as he has done all this.

Since you are Swiss? You could try getting in the door at some Swiss companies here and start as an intern??? Nestle, Zuellig Pharma, or with your knowledge of languages: hotel chains? Foreign trade representatives…exactly what kind of job are you looking for or are you more interested in setting up your own company here?

Well, I have sent my CV to Swiss companies here in Taipei, but didnt’ get much response other than “Your background is great, but we don’t have any suitable position at the moment. We’ll get back to you.”

The business thing is more an idea I wanna get started with at a low level now. I need a “real” job to be able to afford this…

From experience, getting in these kind of corporations is not really via the HR department. As the galls at this section, all hate to see another foreigner come in, especially one that is not a boss or executive level one. At my level, I would have never had a chance with Corporations if I went the traditional route.

The key is again, getting to know the ‘Swiss’ executives on a personal basis. Are you part of any Swiss business meeting or such? I can give you some names of Swiss executives that I know, it wouldn’t hurt to just give them a cold call. Send me a PM and I will give you this Swiss executive at this Swiss company I know.