How to post a letter to Ireland


I need to post a letter to Ireland so I went to the post office, the clerk told me they do not post to Ireland, just Northern Ireland. Told me to call into one of the larger post offices to confirm. Got my wife to call into the main branch where we live and they gave the same answer. WTF, Ireland is where a lot of the multinational company’s European head office is located, such as Google due to their low corporate tax.

Anyway, anyone knows how I can post a letter to Ireland (cheaply) from Taiwan?

because of the corona virus there is limited mail service to over 100 countries (less flights mean less mail)
there is still mail service to UK, which is why northern ireland can get mail.
you can check with FedEx or DHL, they can route the letter through one of their centers, light take longer and will be expensive, but will get there.
for “regular” pist office, no one knows yet when it will be available.

It might also be Ireland won’t take any mail from Taiwan. Italy won’t take any mail from Taiwan right now…which is dumb considering how badly Italy is doing compared to Taiwan.

There’s no flights or limited flights right now. There’s no cheap way to send mail to Ireland beyond sending to UK and asking that person to post it on. DHL will cost about 2000 ntd.

Thanks. Yeah, I think I’ll have to ask my brother to send it for me from the UK.

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Pigeon post will do it.

Check at 7-11
They offer DHL express as well. The rate to Europe should be 900NT.