How to post pics here?

I want to sell something - any way I can i post a pic directly in the body copy?

Use the button saying ‘Img’ that you’ll see when you make a post.

Paste the url of the photo, highlight it, then click the Img button.


Typing this into the message body:


Just change the url to the address of the image you want to display. If you need help finding hosting or anything, let me know.

Not sure why that didn’t work.

Almost, it looks like yahoo doesn’t want people linking to those images or our system doesn’t like the format. You also used the wrong tag.

Use the not the . I’ll get a list of free image hosts you can use.

The random at the end is stopping it being recognized as a legit image.

Try for free image hosting, and they provide the code to link it with in the first box, top left, after uploading

Like that.

BTW, why’s this in Buy & Sell?

Because I haven’t moved it yet. Wanted to make sure the issue got resolved for him/her first. Yeah, go with image shack. I was just about to suggest them.

Well, I kinda meant that more to the OP, but whatever :laughing:

OP? What the Texas is that?

And you call yourself a geek! OP = Original Poster. Bloody kids these days… :unamused: :laughing:

Exactly! (kids and their new fangled Internet slag, in my day we…

Because i want to sell the CKS Memorial Hall ;-). Why else?

Thanks to all of you. I will try imageshack and test again.

Actually, apart from the useless posts :wink: I think that’s a pretty good topic for a sticky, possibly here in Buy & Sell because that’s where this question will pop up the most. … 004008.jpg

You did the first one right, but had one space (" ") at the end of it so the forum didn’t display it properly. I fix it for you. Now you should know how it’s done :slight_smile: