How to register a child born outside Taiwan

I am a Filipino citizen and my husband is Taiwanese. Our daughter was born in the Philippines and she has a Filipino passport.

Our daughter is now 4 years old and we are planning to bring her to Taiwan next year.

Does anyone know how we can apply for our daughter’s Taiwanese passport? Do we have to register her birth at the Household Registration Office?

Any good advice would be welcome.

Have you considered making inquiries with the Taiwan Representative Office in Manila?

I thought you cannot assume ROC citizenship when you have another citizenship without renouncing the other citizenship first … but for countries that allow for dual citizenship you can get ROC citizenship first and the other country’s citizenship later

Did your husband ever put the daughter’s name on his household registration certificate (HRC)? This could affect this process greatly. Normally, yes, the HRC office would require you get her birth registered to help speed things along. But as Hartzell mentioned, check the TECO office for advice on the process and see if the roads lead back the HRC or not.

In the case of birth to parents with different nationalities, it is a bit different. Many countries which grant citizenship to those born to their nationals consider the child as having gained citizenship at birth. It is only a matter of having this fact proven and recognized. For instance, I had to present a number of documents to AIT to show that my daughter qualified for US Citizenship. Once AIT processed the documents they gave me a certificate called a Consular Record of Birth Abroad. The certificate recognizes that she is a US Citizen, but as far as US law is concerned she was actually a US Citizen at birth, and the CRBA is just a way to recognize that. She also gained ROC citizenship at birth because mommy is an ROC citizen. Both of these events occurred simultaneously and were automatic.

In the case of attaining citizenship to a country later in life, the process is different and has different requirements.

(Note that in the past the ROC did not grant citizenship to children born to an ROC mother and a foreign father, so there’s some folks here who have children that are not ROC citizens and do have such problems with the dual nationality thing.)

I don’t have aproblem with my son holding only Australian citizenship.

But for the above case, one parent is an ROC national so the father should registere the child for citizenship by descent. Most countries have this type of process. The father can then apply for the childs ROC passport and register all the details in the Hukou after returning to Taiwan.

Thank you for the advices but they still don’t answer my question of how.

We know that our daughter can apply for ROC citizenship. The question is what documents are necessary and what are the steps considering she was born outside Taiwan. Also, does she have to be physically present when we register her birth at the TaoYuan Household Registration Office?

Most of my friends had their children here in taiwan so they weren’t able to answer my question.

Anyone out there who gave birth outside Taiwan and was able to apply for their child’s ROC passport later?

Have you considered making inquiries with the Taiwan Representative Office in Manila?

TECO manila told us to have our daughter’s birth certificate authenticated and we are now doing that but we don’t know what to do with said document. Do we have it authenticated again at BOCA taipei? And then submit it to the TaoYuan Household Registry?

This was what I did with our marriage certificate for my name to be added to my husband’s ID.

In general to have any foreign document authenticated you need to have it stamped both at your local representative office in the country the document comes from and again at MOFA BOCA in Taipei. You or your husband should contact the Taoyuan Household Registration department to find out any further requirements.

In general to have any foreign document authenticated you need to have it stamped both at your local representative office in the country the document comes from and again at MOFA BOCA in Taipei. .[/quote]

After you have the documents authenticated at your local representative office in the country, and again at the Taiwan Representative Office in Manila. You should be able to submit application for ROC passport for your daughter at the Taiwan Representative Office in Manila. I believe you need to come into the country with ROC passport when submitting for Household Registry.

I asked the Taoyuan Household Registry Office and this is what they e-mailed me.

  1. How do parents of a child born legitimately to an ROC national father and a foreign national mother file the child’s household registration?

Application Process

Child born Abroad
If the child is younger than 12 and entering the ROC using an ROC Passport, entry permit or foreign passport, and the if the mother has legal residency status in Taiwan, the mother may apply for permanent residency for the child and, with that, apply for household registration.
If the child is older than 12,application for permanent residency and household registration must be filed in accordance with Articles 5,6,9 and 11 of the “Regulation for Household Registration and Registration for ROC Nationals Remaining for Short and Long Term”.

Required Documents

Child born abroad
Application for residency (plus three photographs).
Copy of transient residency registration.
Original identification from country of residency prior to arrival in Taiwan.
Original of birth certificate notarized by ROC embassy/consulate/trade office.
Original of ROC or foreign passport with entrance permit stamp documenting arrival in the ROC via plane or ship.
Father’s household registry.

Does anyone know where do I file the application for residency? Does this mean I need to apply for a resident visa at BOCA and then go to the police station for an ARC before I can go to the Household Registration Office? What’s a transient residency registration?