How to Register?

Somebody on the Ho! was asking where to click on Forumosa if they want to register. I have been looking around and I can’t see it. It’s probably right in front of my nose. (I’m on prosilver.)

I removed the registration link last weekend with the intention of bringing it back at the beginning of the week, which then became the beginning of the month, and now (hopefully) the beginning of next week.

I switched it off to track down how the spam bots had been sneaking in the past 3 weeks. Also, we’ve long been planning to launch a new registration system, so at one point, the timing of all this looked really good.

As of today, the new registration system is ready to launch. We have a little housecleaning to do on that new website.

Over the past week, some the most determined people who wanted to join te forums figured out how to contact us and request help. So we have been manually registering them. You can tell the person on The 'Ho to drop us a line and tell us what Forumosa I’D they want to use. Or they can hang on a bit longer for our new registration (spambot catching) website.

Folks, I’m sorry for the confusion about this

We’ve soft launched our new Forumosa Registration website at
Just fill in the form and we’ll add you to the forums within 24 hours

Can I smurf? :pray: Being an upstanding paragon of morality on is wearing me down!

Forumosa Up!

Closing this topic. It concerns the old phpBB software that we used to use for the forums. We switched to Discourse in August 2016