How to: Registering your newborn with the authorities

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  • What am I trying to achieve?
    I’m currently in the process of registering my newborn with the Taiwanese and German authorities in order to obtain all important documents and having his “German name” appear in the taiwanese documents and vice versa.

I will keep the list and process updated. Your kilometrage may vary.

  • Who are we?
    The Borg. Apart from that the wife is taiwanese and I’m a german citizen. Our son was born last month in Taiwan. We currently live in Taiwan and we don’t have a registered address in Germany. We are married in Germany and in Taiwan.

  • How do I want to do it?
    Our plan is toget a german birth certificate for our son with his german name on it. With that we’re planning to go to the HRR.

  • How is it going so far?
    We’re now in the process of getting everything ready for the GIT.

  • What do I need?

  1. english birth certificate with the english Name on it. This needs to be notarised by a lawyer or court.*

  2. Household-Register excerpt in english for the taiwanese parent.

  3. German birth certificate for the german parent.

  4. German marriage certificate** OR a acknowledgement of paternity.

  5. The completed but not yet signed form of the application of registering a birth in a foreign country (§36 PStG)

  6. The completed but not yet signed form to applicate for a children’s passport

  7. Two passport size photos (35mm X 45mm) of your child.***

  8. Your child. They want to see it. They also want to see it if you’re not applying for a children’s passport.*

*This is not mentioned on their website but was told to us in person on our first try.

** If your spouse assumed your surname in Germany, you need an excerpt of the german marriage register to proof it, IF it’s not already stated on your marriage certificate.

*** They are very lenient on toddlers in that aspect. Important is a solid coloured background, even lighting and both ears need to be visible. I took our photos on my phone and edited them a bit on the PC. You can print them at OK Marts.

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Our circumstances are very similar, haha!

I’m British but going through the exact same process.

If you want to get a drink sometime, send me a PM.

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The GIT accepted all documents and photos without any issue. The Documents will be sent to responsible german Standesamt.
I also applied for a children’s passport and got it 4 days later per courier.

We went last Friday to the HHR. The clerk told us that german/english Name will not show up on the Hukou Mianbu but in the Huji Temben. You’ll need a english language Birth certificate or any official document from the other country to proof the legality of the foreign name when applying for the latter.
The MOFA neeeds the same document to print the foreign name on the taiwanese passport where normally the romanisation of the chinese name is printed.
You have to make Shure it’s not on the alias field as some countries will not accept that.