How to report a bad landlord to the tax office?

My former landlord was the landlord from hell and (long story short) will not return my 2 months deposit.

At this point I plan to go to TMM office and show them the contract. Hopefully that will help.

It has also been advised to me to “report” my former landlord to the tax office as he may not be paying taxes. I am open to this HOWEVER I only lived there for 2 months and there is thus a very limited amount of potentially taxable money from me that was actually transferred. Also, he would obviously not be required to pay tax on the money immediately anyway.

So what are my options (if any) for “reporting” my former landlord to the tax office?

I have sent my former landlord the TMM office’s web site link and have told him I intend to go see them to help get my money back. With that he changed his tune from a threatening tune to one of trying to put me on a guilt trip (me telling him I plan to go to TMM is obviously affecting him and showing him that I will not be bullied).

What I would ideally like now is a web site link of a tax office that I will send him and tell him that I plan to also go see them. Suggestions?

Also: this may or may not be true, but I have been advised by Taiwanese friends that any contract that me and him signed may not even be considered legally binding anyway.

I have also read (on this forum) that it is illegal to not return the 2 months deposit (even if the tenant leaves early and even if it is on the contract as the contract may not be legally binding anyway).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Any tips on getting my money back are appreciated.

Taiwanese will say this but a contract is a contract. If its notarized, of course it would be “stronger” in court, but rental contracts are always binding.

If you’ve already filed taxes you can go in to the tax office and bring your lease and proof of payment. You can then give them this guy’s name and tell them, while being firm but polite, you suspect that he has been doing this for a while.

Haven’t we been over this before? :wall:

Official (but non-binding) translation:

A juridical act which violates an imperative or prohibitive provision of the act is void except voidance is not implied in the provision.

It’s a shoddy translation, but the point is, a contract is not always valid/binding/enforceable. See also Art. 247-1.

Lease starts at Art. 421.

The second paragraph of ET’s post makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, if you do it that way, afaik they don’t have any obligation to act on your tip. If you want to go all-out, tell them you want to make a formal report of tax evasion, and be prepared to give detailed information (in Chinese last time I checked) within a certain amount of time after you submit the report.

Btw: He has returned one month deposit minus electricity but says he does not have to return the full 2 months.

Also: I requested that he put in blinds over the windows after I move in. At the time he went ahead and did it and no charge was mentioned. He is using that as a reason to justify not returning the full deposit (makes no sense: I did not take the blinds with me when I left and no charge was discussed at the time they were installed). I also requested when I was looking at the place that he remove a sofa and desk as I had my own that I wanted to move with me. He said no problem and removed it. Now he says that that is another reason he cannot return the full deposit (supposedly he has to buy a new desk and sofa).

I had no choice but to move and I have several videos as evidence to back it up. I also have hotel receipts (paid to stay at a hotel while I looked for a new home AND I do not expect to be compensated for the hotel…ONLY the 2 months deposit). The fact that I have a new contract signed after 6 weeks of living there is also proof that I had to move.

As long as you gave a months notice (and have evidence of the same) he has to return your deposit in full, less any legitimate bills.

How much deposit is he still holding (less bills)?

Thanks for the reply.

I did not give a months notice. When I finally decided to stay in a hotel I messaged him and told him I would be staying in a hotel until I found a new home. The hotel stay was for 6 days (new home search and move in took 6 days).

Because of the circumstances I could not wait it out for another month.

I have the receipts of the hotel (that I do not expect to be compensated for) as evidence and the contract of my new home as evidence (had to move in such a short time and am staying in Taiwan). In other words: it was bad enough for me to pay for a hotel until I found a new place. How bad the problem was may be subjective but the fact that I paid for a hotel and signed a new home contract is a matter of fact (not subjective).

What happened: I lived on the 2nd floor of a 9th story older building. Every time it rained there was something dripping from above me VERY loud. Not the same rhythm/sound as rain but happened whenever it rained. There was some kind of drainage problem from somewhere above the building from me.

We experimented with solutions and changes to my balcony/window area but none of them worked (bottom line: where the dripping was coming from needed to be fixed and it never was).

First try (about 2 weeks after I moved in): After a sleepless night he installed a mat over my window awnings to see if that would buffer the sound. Made no difference.

Second try (about 3 weeks after I moved in): He had a portion of the window awnings that were sticking out removed so that the dripping from above would not hit them. That worked but there was still dripping noises on the balcony roof/green cover.

Third try (about 4 weeks after I moved in): He told me that I would have to pay to have the green balcony roof removed. I thought it would solve the problem so I agreed ($ 2 000). That did not help because there was loud dripping from above that hit the balcony’s metal frame (that the green roof/cover had been attached to).

After 5 weeks: I had had it and could no longer live like this. I stayed at a hotel for the 6 days until I found my new home.

There was a limit to how long I could monkey around and experiment with solutions.

He is holding one month of the deposit it which is $ 14 000.

He returned to me a little over $ 12 000 (one months deposit minus the electricity).

I also moved out one week before the next monthly rent was due (had paid May 21st-June 21st and moved out June 14th). I do not expect any of that back.

All I want back is my $ 14 000 on the grounds that moving was not an option.

Sorry to hear you’re having so many problems.

My rental contacts have always stated that if the lease was broken and 30 days notice was not given, the tenant forfeits one month of rent; likewise, if the landlord breaks the lease without giving 30 days notice then they must pay the tenant this penalty. I’m curious, has this not been legal all along? I’m asking anyone in the forum who knows.


Iiuc, you need the 30-day notice, which means you should pay a month rent fee.

Article 11 of Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act


OK, unfortunately by law this means the landlord is legally entitled to keep one month of the deposit.

Surprisingly this is a week you might be able to get back, you’ve already been penalized for not giving a months notice so an additional rent penalty may not be legal as long as you clearly stated your move out date and agreed it with the landlord in advance. Otherwise he would not have started to look for a new tenant during that week and hence would be out of pocket.

I see your reasons for moving out unfortunately you would need to somehow prove the apartment was uninhabitable which would be very difficult, particularly if there were tenants there before and a new one has moved in without issue since. TMM will be able to advise but for 14,000 it may not be worth taking this any further. I’m not a lawyer, they have one so see what they have to say.


it sounds OP moved to a hotel voluntarily.


Am I the only one who thinks this is actually one of the better landlord interactions I’ve seen? Maybe I’m out of bounds, but as far as complaints go this seems pretty far down the list of “bad landlords” (they were clearly trying to help you solve the problem, and IMO it’s pretty unreasonable to expect your complete deposit back after moving out after 5 weeks due to a rain noise).

Not necessarily trying to pick on OP specifically, but just trying to make sure that the expectations of people coming over here and renting a $14k apartment aren’t too unreasonable.


Was thinking the same thing… it’s not like the landlord “created” the rain noise problem and in fact tried to help alleviate it. Unfortunate situation yes, but doesn’t seem like a “bad landlord”.

In a past rental, I had two appliances blow up on me (a rice cooker and a water filter/purifier)… and later learned that that particular outlet was set up for 220V. Landlord claimed that “she didn’t know” while at the same time saying that the previous tenants were European and had wanted a 220V outlet. Eventually agreed to compensate approximately half the value.

We tossed both devices… and landlord takes the water purifier for repair and tries to sell it back to me for full price

Another annoyance was that the toilet kept backing up and flooding the bathroom. Landlord paid the handy-man the first time but then told us that we had to pay for the repairs the second time

This is when I bolted early. Remember that the contract said one month penalty for breaking lease early but I had provided two months deposit. I simply didn’t pay rent for the last month that I was there.

Afterwards, landlord kept pestering me about damages, etc… and basically told her to f* off