How to run a website into the ground in six months

Dang !! What happened to this place. Last time I visited it was a vibrant community. Today it’s the same 20 people posting and all the moderators living in the same building…somewhere out in shitze b[/b]! Has there been ‘over moderating’ perhaps.

Not only are all the moderators living in the same building, we actually all share an apartment and usually sleep together too. Which isn’t so bad, except that Alien has cold feet, Sandman is flatulent, and Richard Hartzell keeps moaning “Test Case…Test Case…” while he sleeps. Add to this Cranky Laowai’s exhibitionist habits, Ironlady’s never-ending armwrestling challenges and JeffG’s tendency to stutter every time braxtonhicks crosses her legs and you get a bizarre living arrangement. I’m the only normal one here. :sunglasses:

Well, things changed when rocky pepperoni stopped posting.

Come on, I don’t thing that it has changed that much, but well, any community gets settled down and getssmall over time. We all know each other now, so the number of exciting topics is getting smaller. The only interesting thing happening here is jason lin and he drives the regulars nuts.

On the contrary, I believe Segue membership was growing steadily before we went offline for a week. I think we’ve lost a little steam, but I also think we’ll recover.

I don’t find Jason Lin’s posts to be very interesting at all. They don’t anger me. I just don’t read many of them.

The same 20 posters? I suppose if the fifty or sixty regular posters on the site all have alternate egos, that would be true.

[quote]Well, things changed when rocky pepperoni stopped posting.


Someone else remembers Rocky Pepperoni. Wow! I was a big fan of Rocky. Actually Rocky was one of a small number of us who moved from the forums to Orienteda coupla years ago. I think he lived down in Taizhong, but was difficult to pin down due to a tendency to change usernames so often. I could remember better if I was sober, but he used to have the names Helly, Hellizabeth, The Reverend Jackinoff, ahhh those were all names, there were a few he used on oriented too, but I can’t rememebr at tyhe moment. Wait a minute there was Dummy my poo poo and umm something else, Shit


I was a lurker back then and very new to Oriented. However, I loved to read and see what those posters wrote - and he was one of the more entertaining.