How to Seek Factory Work When Already in Taiwan


Hi, I’m posting this for a Filipina friend who’s interesting in leaving her current factory job (in Taiwan) and applying for a job at a different factory (in Taiwan). Could anyone recommend (or, at least, has anyone heard of) an agency, website or something that would enable a Filipina already here to apply for a factory job here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The government launched a website for this purpose a while ago, and then complaints came in that it was only in Chinese and therefore is useless to most of the people who want to use it, but afaik it still exists.

I remember seeing it on either the MOL’s website ( or the Taipei DOL’s website (, but I don’t remember exactly where it was buried or exactly what it was called.

If you don’t find it, contact either the Ministry (the English version of their site has a contact form) or the local labor department.


As I know, most factory workers are bind with contract - if she wish to transfer to another factory she need to communicate with her agency.